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The maintenance team

Lines sweeping, courts upkeep, site cleaning… The maintenance team tasks are numerous and their action essential to the well-unfolding of the tournament. This shadow workers do the sometimes ungrateful but indispensable job.


The restaurant team

It allows players and volunteers to eat during the whole week of the tournament. They are constantly on the run to make your buds wiggle… but not only. They also take care of chatting and laughing with you during your dinner.



That’s the team with golden hands. The players won’t contradict it. Our physios see all the players with all their smaller or bigger injuries pass through their hands. There’s even a rumour within the tournament saying some of the players try to come back a few times on the same day to enjoy their magic hands!



They answer every question and help the players finding their way. And always with a smile! The infodesk allows players to have all the information they need on the tournament and its unfolding. Availability and patience are their main characteristics



They’re the eyes of the tournament. Our photographers spend their week “flashing” players in action. They allow us to have high quality photographs to make you live the tournament the best way possible on our website!



Hours spent on the roads to ensure all the comings and goings of the players. To the airport, the hotel or Géronsart, they are and go everywhere! Our drivers have been coming to the tournament for years and realize an incredible job!


Welcome stand

They welcome you every day from dawn to sunset. Under the sun or under the rain, on midday or on midnight, they are the first to smile to you when you arrive and they deliver you all the information and daily documents you need.



Hours and hours spent on the court next to the best players on Earth running for the balls. Their work has that good side. But it also asks them a lot of attentiveness and dynamism. They are around forty each year.


Communication team

Behind the camera, the microphone or the computes, the communication team uses all means possible to bring you closer to players players and their performances. They make you live the tournament as if you were there.


Chair empire

The hawk eyes of the tournament. If the Belgian Open is not yet equipped with that famous technology, the chairmen are always there to ensure the quality of the judgments made. They are an important part in the well-unfolding of the incredible human adventure the tournament is.


Repair team

The mechanics of the wheelchair. Players sometimes have very complex wheelchairs and problems can occur at any moment. Fortunately, our repair team has a know-how big enough to solve any of them.