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Deputy director - Kidist Lepoutre

Kidist is one of the veterans of the Belgian Open. She entered the committee in 2016 as project manager after five years as ballkid and five others in the kitchens. She is now deputy director, ready to take over. The tournament has become a second family and an unmissable event for her.


Interim director and Responsible partnerships - Baudouin Grandjean

Baudouin is the first link in the chain: he is responsible for the sponsors. Thanks to his work, the whole team can serenely design their projects and put them into practice. Besides, he is also always ready to help in their realization.


Human resources - Mélissa Roelandts

Mélissa has been giving body and soul for the Belgian Open since she was a child. She took a new step in 2017: she integrated the organizing team as Human Resources Manager. After having worked a long time for the catering, the volunteers will now enjoy her devotion.


Treasurer - Bernard Lepoutre

Bernard made his first steps in the Belgian Open when driving his daughter Kidist to the ballkids' morning gatherings. Interested in tennis in general, he thus got to appreciate wheelchair tennis. Recently retired of his job as a primary school headmaster, and always keen to give a hand, he answered the call in 2019. He enters the treasury by the side of Jérome. 


Service to players - Anais

Anais was introduced to the Belgian Open at an early age by her father, who had already been a volunteer for many years. So it was only natural that she should take part in this enriching and humane adventure, starting as a ball kid and then joining the restaurant and VIP team. It is with great motivation and enthusiasm that she joins the committee as co-responsible for the players.


Logistics manager - Benjamin Scaillet

Father of ballkids, Benjamin found himself helping during the setting up of the preparation of the tournament. He then answered present in the technical team for the 2019 edition. Taken with passion for the organization of the wonderful adventure of the Belgian Open, he becomes logistics manager in the committee. 


Press manager & events manager - Antoine Tondu

Antoine was in the court maintenance team during many years. Now he joined the comitee and is the event manager. He is also the press manager!


Events manager - Lou Joveneau

From the age of 9 onwards, Lou was a ball kid at the Belgian Open. Then she became a member of the court maintenance team, and the next year she was the ball kids' responsible. Now she joined the comitee and is one of the events managers.


Events manager & contact to players - Emma Joveneau

Emma began her adventure at the Belgian Open as a ball kid. Thanks to her language skills, she then moved on to the Desk Info. Now she's in charge of the events during the tournament, with Lou and Antoine. She is also the contact person for the players.


VIP manager - Eric Peraux

As the father of a player, it was only natural for Eric to get involved in the Belgian Open as head of the VIP stand.