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Tournament director - Yacine Eddial

He’s the tournament manager. But hush! He doesn’t like this title too much. He wants to be a volunteer among others! Particularly devoted and involved in the organization, Yacine is already a senior of the tournament as he began as a volunteer in 1995! Now, he can’t leave “his” event and “his” volunteers and is overflowing with ambition. He dreams about the Belgian Open being the main tournament of the world!


Project manager - Mathias Gerard

The tireless man of the team. Mathias is project manager and takes his work to heart. He had started as a volunteer in the upkeep team in 2003 randomly. But the unique and friendly sphere definitely convinced him to put himself at the disposal of the tournament.


Treasurer - Jérôme Bollue

Here’s the strongbox-keeper! Jérôme has been the treasurer of the Belgian Open since 2011. Since then, he couldn’t leave the tournament incredible human adventure anymore. He started at the “info desk” because of his foreign languages skills and his attraction for human relations.


Communication/Press relation - Audrey Coquelet

Mistress of the tournament communication, Audrey entered the Belgian Open in 2012 and never quit it since then. Each year is a new challenge for her in the organization and mainly in the enhancement of the tournament. She imparts her dynamism and her iron willingness to the whole team!


Project manager - Kidist Lepoutre

Kidist is one of the veterans of the Belgian Open even though she’s only 24! She entered the committee in 2016 after five years as ballkid and five others in the kitchens. She’s today project manager along with Mathias. The tournament has become a second family and an unavoidable event for her.


VIP lounge - Fabian Mortier

To make the Belgian Open a must-go tournament. That is the objective of Fabian, who is in charge of the VIP lounge and takes care of our guests. He is part of the committee since 2011 and hopes to make things evolve and change the perception of people towards Paralympic sports by bustling for the tournament.


Events manager - Anne-Sophie Colinet

Undoubtedly our oldest spectator! Anne-Sophie began to manage our ballkids in 2014 but has come to see the tournament since a child. The sporty spirit and the familial side of the event has pushed her to enter the committee in 2015. She’s currently events manager and decided to attract all the world best players to the Open!


Journalist - Jérémy Dieudonné

He’s the official pen of the Belgian Open. Arrived in 2015, Jérémy ambitions to ally his passion for tennis with his future job of journalist. Always on the lookout for information, interviews or anecdotes, Jérémy makes you live the tournament in its smallest details, just if you were there!


Human resources - Florence Claes

After years making you live the Belgian Open through video clips, Florence entered the committee at the end of the 2017 edition of the tournament. She's henceforth Human Resources Manager and take care of the well-being of all the volunteers.


Human resources - Mélissa Roelandts

Mélissa has been giving herself body and souls for the Belgian Open since a child. She took a new step in 2017: she integrated the organizing team as Human Resources Manager. After having long worked for the catering, the volunteers will now enjoy her devotion.


Project Manager - Quentin Mosselman

Quentin is the latest member of the committee of the Belgian Open. He is now project manager and is more and more involved in the organization of the tournament. His multiple skills are an important asset for all his colleagues!


Baudouin Grandjean - Responsible partnership

Baudouin is the first link in the chain: he is responsible with the sponsors. Thanks to his work, the whole team can serenely design its projects and put them into practice. Besides, he is also always ready to help in their realization.